v1.27 [ 2nd Jan 2015 ]
Fixed Memory Leak

v1.26 [ 28th Dec 2014 ]
Fixed Menu Video Background Bug
Fixed Unicode Upper And Lower Case Conversion
Added Online Board Arrangement and Priorities
Added Christmas Theme
Added new song to career
Added Video Background Stretch Options
Added Wii Rock Band Controller Profile
Fixed Orphaned Remote Player bug in online Player selection
Added Auto Pause when window focus is lost (local game only)

v1.25 [ 3rd Nov 2014 ]
Fixed Option Menu Restart Message When Seasonal Theme Active
Updated Visual Studio Redistributables
Included alternative profile for wired 360 controllers

v1.24 preview version [ 30th Oct 2014 ]
Added PS2 Guitarmania II Profile
Added Spanish Language Support
Added Italian Language Support
Fixed The Server Browser
Added Open Bass To All Guitar Modes
Added Halloween Theme
New song added to career
One existing song updated to new version

v1.23 [ 25th Sep 2013 ]
Fixed a bug with custom neck angles in network play
Fixed Export+ not showing in some situations during network play
Fixed a real keys mode rendering issue
Included a number of song fixes
Updated the guitar career song order
Fixed Combo Alerts getting stuck on song reset
Added profile option to disable Guitar Tilt

v1.22 [ 22nd Sep 2013 ]
Added Song Search Feature (Press Orange on songlist)
Added an experimental expert+ difficulty to guitar based modes (requires testing)
Changed Theme System To Use Unicode (Existing Themes Will Require Updating)
Updated a number of systems to allow for translation support
Added French Language Support
Added Hit Combo Milestone notifications
Song name will briefly display at the start of the song
Five new songs added to the official setlist
Career tiers shuffled to avoid sequential same artist songs to improve variety
Added option to disable Bass Drum board Shake
Fixed issue causing incorrect Career Progress %
Added Song Scan Counter To Loading Screen
Fixed problem when notes transition from Sliders to Hopos
Fixed dedicated server duplicate log message issue
Fixed Dance Overhit Bug
Fixed Theme issue with Text Images Replacers Not Animating
Fixed Advanced Keys mode High C Issue
Added Sizzle SFX to drum freestyle samples
Changed Blind mode to be linked to the Combo counter not rock meter
Fixed Missing Sustain Issue With Wrong Ordered Data For Note Off Markers
Fixed hopo_frequency tag for non default ticks per quarter note values
Added Support for XBOX 360 Wired GH5 Guitar
Added Support for XBOX 360 Wired GH6 Air Guitar
Added Support for PS3 Frontman Wireless Guitar

v1.21 [ Aug - Sep ]
Experimental builds - Donor only

v1.20 [ May - Jul ]
Experimental builds - Donor only

v1.19 [ 20th Jan 2013 ]
Fixed a number of glitches relating to the new career menus
Optimised executable icon for extra sizes
Updated missing credit

v1.18 [ 19th Jan 2013 ]
Added Single Player Career Mode
New songs and updates in Full download
Added career paths where possible for included songs - to improve
Fixed Max Client Server Limit
Fixed an issue where Song Names didn't always Update
Added "track = x" song.ini value for album organisation
Added Sort by Track Number Setting to song selection menu
Fixed Folder Sort Issue With [Random] Heading
Fixed A Theme Refresh Crash Issue
Fixed A Playlist Overdelete Bug
Added Hopo Frequency song.ini value. hopo_frequency = x
Added Note Snapping For Notes Within 1 Tick
Added menu_overlay.ini Support For Controller Button Guides
Added Support for showing basic Keyboard binds for menu navigation
Seperated Advanced and Real Drum Tracks to allow more optimised charting
Added Theme support for Fail And Pass backgrounds to the results box
Added Legacy MIDI Guitar Whammy Support
Fixed the graphics menu Resolution List, could cause issues on some configurations
Fixed A Missing First Lyric Bug
Fixed A Possible Memory Allocation Issue
Fixed an issue with the installer created start menu shortcut
Dance mode can now properly support PS sections along with Drum style activation
Added freestyle SFX support for Dance Mode
Added Executable icon for standard and high resolution views
Fixed Eight Note HOPO ini value problem while using a Playlist
Various theme updates for the menus

v1.16 [ 28th Oct 2012 ]
Added Music Studio
Network games can launch as long as 50% or more players have the song
Added Current Ingame Score And Time To Lobby
Fixed A Playlist Crash Bug
Fixed A Missing Lyric Issue
Fixed A Double Lyric Bug
Fixed A potential issue with menu song previews
Fixed A Slider Hit System Issue
Fixed A Knapman Censorship issue
Fixed network player icon overlapping difficulty bar

v1.15 [ 26th Sep 2012 ]
Fixed A Dedicated Server Config Issue
Added Extended Sustain Chord Support
Resolution option no longer lists unsupported modes
Added AA x16 Support
Fixed Profile fallback if default profile deleted
Added A Time Percentage OSD tag "game_time_progress"
Added Additional Legacy Keys Layout
Fixed a Buffer Clear Issue for midi instruments
Fixed A Controller Detection Bug
Added Support For Nyko Front Man PS3 Guitar

v1.14 [ 21st Sep 2012 ]
Removed Old Slider and Open Bass System. Sysex is now required
Added Full OSD Theme Support
Fixed text List Bug with theme effects
Fixed A missing Theme, Default Fallback Issue
Added vertical List Alignment Tag - <list_align>bottom</list_align>
Added Screen % Position Tag - <screen_pos>50,50,0</screen_pos>
Added New Theme FX Type For Direct Value Linking <fx_type>value</fx_type> (see rank OSD for an example)
Added Legacy Keys Finger Layout Option
Mulithreaded the Main Loading Screen
Added Theme Support For Non Dynamic Files (Data folder files)
Changed Directory Structure Dramatically
Fixed A Real/Advanced Keys Freestyle SFX Bug
Added Midi Autolink feature, remembers last used device
Fixed A Real Guitar Freestyle 0 Fret Isssue When In Minus Time
Added main menu Fade in

v1.13 [ 13th Sep 2012 ]
Fixed startup crashes (career mode related)
Fixed server player limit option
Game will now revert to default theme if an active theme is not found
Added select button to the PS3 GH5 drumkit
Dedicated server now reads standard settings from the game config

v1.12 [ 10th Sep 2012 ]
Updated to Visual Studio 2010 build
Added Difficulty display To The Instrument Select Screen
Fixed online play Revive Player insta-death glitch
Added a Miss SFX option, can disable completely or only make a sound on combo breaks
Added Early Strum Tolerance (was tricky to strum and tap together)
Fixed Issue Where If Your machine is only spectating, No active Players In game You Can't Bring Up The pause Menu
If prefured Skill level Isn't Availible the selection will fallback to the Next level down
Fixed A bug that could cause the Drum PS Activation note to Overlap another note
server list now only lists compatible version servers
Added Max Player Limit Server Option
Added Server Location Option
Added PS2 Hama 34383 Wireless Guitar Support
Added MIDI Velocity Threshold to the midi profiles to filter accidental triggers
Fixed A Few Audio Level bugs, previews ignoring volume settings
Added Sort By Album to songlist menu
Increased Maximum Playlist Size To 25 songs
Fixed Stereoscopic 3d mode Background Depth Issue
Added Background tag to fix stereoscopic depth issue for 2d elements background / video
("true" use only on ingame backgrounds that have a visible 2d background element)

Added stereoscopic background tag to default backgrounds
Added Support For Extra Song list Menu Difficulty Markers
(list_difficulty_drums_real_ps, list_difficulty_keys_real_ps, list_difficulty_guitar_coop, list_difficulty_rhythm)

Added Support For Extra Song.ini Difficulties
(diff_drums_real_ps, diff_keys_real_ps, diff_guitar_coop, diff_rhythm)

Added Support For MIDI Key Changes During Freestyle Sections
Added a profile Option To Change 4 Lane Drum Freestyle SFX Type Focus Either Toms or Cymbals
donate option added to extras menu (will display once automatically)
game now generates a song database at startup that will be used to speedup various functions in game
updated selection of bundle songs
various theme tweaks
Server browser now shows extra details
Added JukeBox to Lobby Menu, theme ID has been changed to "jukebox_name"
(old themes need to be updated)

v1.11 [ 25th May 2012 ]
Added ability to join servers While a game is active
Fixed A Song Loop Time Issue In Practice Mode
Fixed An Online Connection Issue
Added support for a wider range of Characters in lobby Window
Fixed a menu spelling mistake
Fixed PS3 RB Drumkit Profile Detection Issue
Added support for an extra PS3 RB2 Drumkit variation
Added Jukebox Controls to Lobby Menu

v1.10 [ 6th May 2012 ]
Added Drum profile for PS3 Madcatz Midi adaptor
Fixed Advanced Drums Note Count Issue
Added Extended Sustain Cancel Handler
Fixed A MIDI Input Control Change Issue For Drums (CC#4)
Fixed Extras Menu Select Bug
Added Remote Player Board Speed Override
Fixed Bot mode Fret Bounce Bug

v1.09 [ 27th April 2012 ]
Added Real Keys Support (experimental)
Added Mozart - Piano Sonata in C Real Keys Chart
Added Stereoscopic 3D Support - Half SBS and anaglyph
Added Texture UV Scrolling Theme Effect
Added New Test Abstract Backgrounds (to demo uv scrollings and 3d model support)
Added Accuracy Percentage Results For Remote Players
Added Theme Specific Icon Support
Added Exit Option To Music Folder Select
Added z_clear theme option to fix 3d intersection issues
Added multi-monitor display settings to graphics options
Added system to allow 5 Lane kits to play 7 lane charts
Added system to allow real kits to play 5 lane charts
Updated 5 Lane Drum Chart Support
Fixed 5 Lane Split Drum Audio Muting Issue
Fixed A Board Rendering issue
Fixed A wired Controller Duplication Bug
Fixed Server List Password Box Issue
Fixed Remote Bot Assist Issue
Fixed Score Info For Remote Players
Fixed 1280x960 screen resolution setting

v1.08 [ 31th March 2012 ]
Added Advanced Keys Support
Added Advanced Keys To Cybernetix Chart
Added Basic 3D Model Support For Abstract Backgrounds
Added Ride And Crash Cymbal Flip Option
Added Accuracy Percentage Results
Added song.ini Background Image Support (background = david.jpg)
Added Velocity Freestyle SFX Support ( MIDI, Real Guitars and Xbox RB Kits Only )
Added Instrument Specific Bot Settings
Added Support For Harmonic, Tappable and Palm Muted Pro Guitar Notes
Updated Freestlye SFX including
Fixed A Lyrics Fade Issue
Fixed Strum Jump Issue
Fixed Real Guitar Fret Count Save Issue
Fixed Abstract Video Background Practice Device Reset Crash
Removed Minimum Tail Length For Real Guitar Slides

v1.07 [ 17th February 2012 ]
Added Lyric Display Support
Fixed Whammy Issue With PS3 GH WOR Guitars
Fixed Issues With PS2 GH2 Guitar
Fixed A Couple Of Wrong Notes In Cybernetix Drum Chart
Changed FC ranking to require expert or higher
Fixed An Open Bass Issue
Fixed Score OSD Setting Being Linked to Rank

v1.06 [ 12th February 2012 ]
Fixed FC calculations to include overstrumming
Fixed multiplayer pause countdown interuption bug
Improved video background mode compatibility
Updated bundle song Cybernetix

v1.05 [ 5th February 2012 ]
Added Support For non standard 360 Bass Guitars
Fixed Neck Speed Save Issue
Fixed Online Neck Speed Issue

v1.04 [ 4th February 2012 ]
Animated version tag OSD option so it can't be faked with the background
Speed setting no longer resets to 100% in practice mode on song restarts
Neck speed value changed to use a normal scale
Made blind mode show missed notes
Disabled lefty flip in dance mode
Added missing credits to bundle songs
Added lefty keys option for lefty guitar keys players

v1.03 [ 4th February 2012 ]
Added Blind note gameplay mode to profile options (memory training)
Added Drunk mode identifier added (because the drunk can't be trusted)
Added version number osd option (if you want to confirm your version for video recording)
Fixed hit window toggle bug / exploit
New PS neck (lower brightness)

v1.02 [ 29th January 2012 ]
Fixed Network play infinite waiting for remove player bug
Fixed Menu Scroll Locking on song reset Issue
Fixed What's My Ip Option
Added Support For 2 Track SPlit Drum Audio
Added support for song.ini difficulty value -1 to indicate no part in song list
Fixed press select to reset song text error

v1.01 [ 27th January 2012 ]
Added Song List Sorting options
Added Song load screen web Link system
Added Song load screen banner image support
Added New song from the game Cybernetix
Fixed looping strum bug
Fixed Audio Muting Issue In Practice Mode
Fixed Menu Crowd Disable Issue
Fixed practice background mode bug
Various Theme Tweaks
Added vocal_x system if you want main menu jukebox to play instrumental version of song (Knapman Censorship)
Added song.ini editing from Song List
Added New Achievement

v1.0 [ January 2012 ]
Created a New Practice mode
Added Fret Sparks effects
Added Themeable Solo Stats Box (put it where you want)
New abstract backgrounds
Added New Frets to keys mode
Fixed Crash when using more that 150 Background Images
Fixed SFX Audio Level not saving Issue
Removed all DX10 Links from game (may help some systems run the game)
Added Score comments Back To The results box
Fixed Expert+ Notes Solo Percentage Issue
Added a new compatibility sync option for people with audio sync issues (only use if needed)
Added Support For Squire Guitar Via MIDI
Fixed A Guitar Track Muting Issue
Added 2 Generic Midi Drum Profiles To Cover Most Standards
Added Credits Menu (if we forgot someone let us know)
Added Themeable Practice Menu
Added Themeable Practice OSD
Added Themeable Calibration OSD
Added Themeable Remote Wait OSD

v0.99b [ 11th / December / 2011 ]
Fixed song load crash
Fixed medium difficulty result screen issues
Allow negative values for ingame song delay adjustment

v0.98c [ 24th / November / 2011 ]
Removed debug code from v0.98b that could cause song audio to go out of sync
Pause menu for calibration mode fixed
Minor theme tweaks to reduce clipping on 5:4 ratio displays

v0.98b [ 24th / November / 2011 ]
Fixed potential crash issue with new background system
Fixed video background menu selection issue

v0.98 [ 14th / November / 2011 ]
Updated songlist to show extra stats - playcount, song length, highest accuracy / FC
Game will now detect multiple backgrounds for 2d / abstract and video if more than one is found
Song load screen bugs hopefully fixed, no longer using work around from last release
Abstract backgrounds are now created through the theme system
Abstract backgrounds can now include a video background
Added Real Drum HiHat Sizzle Support
Added Trills Support
Added Tremolo Support
Added real drum score filter
Added Generic PS1 Guitar Support

v0.97 [ 14th / November / 2011 ]
Drum Modes now split to into Drums Advanced and Real Drums
Advanced drums does not use advanced hihat charting, for single pedal use or 2 pedal double bass setups.
Real drums now forces hihat, second pedal required as standard
Temporary work around for loading screen issues
Pause menu will default to resume game
Enabling assists will no longer disable scoring for instruments not using those assists
Bot icons added for assists

v0.96 [ 11th / November / 2011 ]
Added support for gameplay modes
Added Speedy Game Modes
Added Last Man Standing Game Mode
Added Versus Game Mode
Added Weakest Link Game Mode
Added Song Load screen Theme Support
Added Ingame Player result Box Theme Support
Added Pause Menu Theme Support
Added Song.ini Options To Pause Menu
Added various notification sound effects to lobby menu
Added Drum Play Along Option (mutes game drum sounds)
Mouse cursor will now Auto Hide when idle
Fixed online player limit crash
Improved lag handling for online games
Added Bot Kick Assist profile option
Updated PS3 RB 2 Drum controller profile
Menus tweaked to fit non widescreen modes
More cowbell

v0.95 [ 6th / November / 2011 ]
Test version of game given out early to players who signed up for the trial event
The final version of this release become v0.96

v0.94 [ 26th / OCTOBER / 2011 ]
Improved Hit Window and Overstrum Logic for guitar mode (Thanks to Chunkatuff for helping with this)
Fixed Multi monitor support
Added Performance Timer Option (If the game goes out of sync while playing try this)
Installer now notifies to run as admin if needed
Added dance difficulty to song menu
Removed Hit Window option from pause menu
Added Draw Note ID to the pause Menu
Added some missing song.ini details to bundled songs

v0.93 [ 17th / OCTOBER / 2011 ]
Increased scroll speed in song menu
Added Support For Sysex 255 Skill Value (slider fix)
Fixed Lefty Flip Drum Issues
Added Hi-Hat Control For RB3 Kits
Game is now packaged as an installer, should remove the need for additional downloads
New note types for hihat (open / closed / pedal)
Hihat added to two of the bundled songs charts
Added fret indicator for closed Hihat
Frameless windowed mode option for full resolution multimonitor support
New freestyle sounds for drums including hihat

v0.92 [ 30th / JULY / 2011 ]
Fixed UNICODE Issue, unrecognised characters crashing game
Fixed Solo Percentage Issue
Disabled Window resizing and maximizing
Fixed Generated song previews looping
Added basic open hihat note
Capped Text on songlist to avoid overlapping
Added album art to bundled songs

v0.91 [ 21st / JULY / 2011 ]
New Cymbal notes
Added Real Drum layout Option (adjust cymbal lane width)
Menus with offscreen options now have scrollbars added
Fixed Score Saving Issue (new score format now in use)
Added Sysex Real Guitar Slides Support
Added Sysex Slider Support
Added Sysex High Hat Position Support
Added Sysex Rimshot Support
Added Dark Abstract theme
Fixed A Freestyle Generation Issue
Fixed Disco Flip Lefty Drummer Issue
Fixed Split Drum Audio Lefty Drummer Issue
Fixed Freestlye Lefty Drummer Issue

v0.90 [ 15th / JULY / 2011 ]
Added Song Preview Support
Added Quick Play Current Song Button
Fixed Online Crash Bug
Added Freestyle Sections
Added Solo Sections
Added Song List Scroll Loop
Fixed Minor Video Background Crash Bug
Fixed Song Sync Issue
Fixed In game Board Speed adjustments In Real Guitar Mode
Improved unwanted Slider notes Issue
Fixed Open Bass Note Chord Issue
Added PS3 GHWT Drums Alternate Version Support
Added Full PS3 Ion Drum Rocker Support
Fixed 3 Stem split Drum Audio Muting Issue
Fixed MIDI Control Change Issue
Added Real Guitar Legacy String Filter
Added Sysex Open Bass Support
Added "star_power_note" song.ini Tag Support
Added Legacy Guitar & Bass Freestyle SFX
Various updated graphics for new features

v0.80 [ 9th / APRIL / 2011 ]
Added mine note type in dance mode
Song part detection update
Improved support for pro guitars run through the madcatz midi adaptor
Added charter song.ini tag
Included second brad sucks song in full package
Added option to switch keyboard controllers to a specific instrument type

v0.79 [ 6th / APRIL / 2011 ]
Added ingame latest version checking
Added basic 4 lane dance mode
Included a beta version of a Brad Sucks song with a dance notes for charting reference

v0.78b [ 3rd / APRIL / 2011 ]
Fixed HOPO Phrase Bug from v0.78
Fixed Issue with hitting late before a HOPO triggering a missed note

v0.78 [ 1st / APRIL / 2011 ]
Fixed Menu Video Background Disable Issue
Fixed Freestyle Issue Preventing The Hit Of First Notes Using High BPMs
Fixed Netplay Instrumet Select Issue
Allowed Forced HOPO Phrases
Added Online Server List
Added Basic Dedicated Server App
Added Support for Wii RB2 Drum Kit
Added Support For Logitech Drums PS3
Added Support For Logitech Guitar PS3
Added Support For Guitar Hero WOR Guitar PS3

v0.77 [ 10th / MARCH / 2011 ]
Added Basic Keys Support
Added Support For XBOX 360 Keytar
Added Menu Video Background Option (Disabled By Default)
Abstract 3D background set as default background type for compatibility
Updated Calibrator To Include Keys
Fixed A Few Of Calibration Issues
Fixed Pause Menu Miss Bug
Fixed Pause Countdown Buffer Bug
Fixed Alt Enter Strum Repeat Bug
Fixed A Controller Disconnection Issue
Fixed Bass Multiplier Graphics
Added Charters Name To Song Load Screen
Fixed Saviour Bug
Song.ini tag to define keyboard sample set (keys_type = )
Unsupported song parts hidden from list
Seperated some of the note shared textures to allow for unique real guitar and key notes

v0.76b [ 10th / MARCH / 2011 ]
Back button inside network menu fixed
Host network game option fixed

v0.76 [ 8th / MARCH / 2011 ]
Fixed Stuttering Issue At End Of Songs
Fixed Freeze Issue When Restarting Song
Fixed Note Draw Order Issue
Added Hash Check Song Part Generation, will now check for updates
Added Real Guitar Fret Count Profile Option for full length Guitars
Fixed A Calibration Issue
Added Calibration Mode Option

v0.75h [ 21st / FEBRUARY / 2011 ]
Fixed an issue With Non-Pro Charts Using Channel 2 For Notes
Changed Thread Priorities For Audio Buffering

v0.75g [ 21st / FEBRUARY / 2011 ]
Fixed Render Glitch with Guitar Chord mesh
Fixed Random Song Option
Reduced brightness of the PS Neck Slightly
Temp fix for unusual rotation on 6 Lane Chord mesh
Removed an unused graphic left behind from old version

v0.75f [ 18th / FEBRUARY / 2011 ]
Fixed Slider Issue found in v0.75e
Added Support For Command Line Arguments

v0.75e [ 17th / FEBRUARY / 2011 ]
Fixed Score Filter Refresh Bug
Fixed Video Background Playlist Bug
Added Lefty Mode for Drums
Added Force Lane Count option for Legacy Drum Modes
Enabled Slider Notes Again

v0.75d [ 14th / FEBRUARY / 2011 ]
Fixes sticky menu navigation bug
Fixes an issue with drum nagivation when using the dpad
Fixes a video background scaling issue
Improves accuracy of the timing system on some hardware

v0.75c [ 14th / FEBRUARY / 2011 ]
Ion and Madcatz Pro kit fixes
Legacy Guitar controller strum fix

v0.75b [ 13th / FEBRUARY / 2011 ]
Allowed Disco Flip Expert Plus to Use Expert Events
Fixed Random Song Playlist Crash
Fixed Issue with Scores not updating without a Directory Change
Fixed Signal Decoding For Ion Drum Rocker and RB3 Madcatz Pro Drums

v0.75 [ 12th / FEBRUARY / 2011 ]
7 Lane Real Drum Mode
6 Lane Real Guitar and Bass Modes
Playlist Support
Added Animated Tail Effects, user selectable
Added Support for eithernote_hopo tag
Fixed slider note bug with newer songs
Added option to disable controller profile warning
Added Support for 360 Pro Mustang Controller

Songs will now only display modes that are charted
Adding XInput Support
Added Support For Rhythm Guitar Parts
Added Support For Solo (coop) Guitar Parts
Added HOPO Frequency Tolerance
Added Open Bass Sustain Support
Online play will now show remote player custom settings for board angle and whammy effect
Fixed a bug with some songs not showing PS sections

Added support for Madcatz Pro Drumkit
Added crowd audio support
Added disco flip support to fix real mode drum layout in some songs
Score saving will now save if you have no fail mode enabled but did not fail during the song
Added video delay calibration option
Fixed strum navigation bug
Added random song option to songlist
Audio calibration values no longer minus values

Added Real Guitar Legacy Cutoff Option to avoid strum issues in 5 lane modes
Added Note ID option for chart debuging
Custom Theme Support for menus
Video background support in menus
Updated default theme
Practice Mode
More profile options
New Audio menu

Added support for split drum audio
New font system
Fixed Bug with unexpected lag on some hardware breaking hitwindows / calibration
Now possible to change HD on song folder select option
Fixed a bug when using video overides with 3D Background mode

v0.71 [ 6th / OCTOBER / 2010 ]
Added Expert+ Drum Support
Fixed Game Load Stack Overflow
Fixed PS3 GH3 Guitar Profile
Fixed A Fast Chord Strumming Bug
Fixed Bug Where Menu Music doesn't update after Home Dir Change
Added PS2 GH2 Dual Adaptor Support
Added PS2 GH2 DVJ Adaptor Support

v0.70 [ 3rd / OCTOBER / 2010 ]
Added Basic Video Background Support
GFX settings no longer require a restart to apply
Added Skip track button for Menu background music
Prevented audio drop on sustain notes if released close to the end
Fixed PS whammy acquisition Bug When PS Is Active
Fixed PS Acquisition Duing Time Signature Changes
Applied Major Changes To Base Engine
Fixed A Bug with Controller Detection
Couple of tweaks to 3d stage
Included one video background for the new mode
Added Support For PS3 Guitar Hero 3 Guitar

v0.68b [ 14th / AUGUST / 2010 ]
Fixes Average delay problem when calibration values are adjusted from the pause menu

v0.68 [ 14th / AUGUST / 2010 ]
Added Custom Camera Angle Option to profile settings
Added Average Delay calibration Helper
Added Basic Profile Options To Pause Menu
Added OSD Section To Options Menu
Added Rank Position Option

v0.67 [ 8th / AUGUST / 2010 ]
Fixed Song Rating Crash Bug In NetPlay
Added Copy & Paste Support
Added "What's My Ip?" Button
Fixed Some NetPlay Data Issues
Added Achievements
Added Support For Older song formats using Track Name "T1 GEMS"
Added Basic Bot Support

v0.66 [ 3rd / AUGUST / 2010 ]
Fixed a bug that stopped some machines from being able host a multiplayer game
Lobby chat can now be cancelled with the escape key
Changed game default port to 27960 to avoid potential conflicts with ventrilo
Fixed HOPO strum issues in Drunk Mode
Lobby now asks for confirmation on exit

v0.65 [ 2nd / AUGUST / 2010 ]
Added Abort Button When Waiting For Remote Players
Increased IP Address Input Size
Prevented The Game From Starting While Editing Your Profile In The Player Select Screen
Fixed Issue If you are typing a message and the game starts game control is lost
Fixed Missing Text Issue In Song Menu
Added Current Leader Icon
Added Support for PS2 GHWT Guitar Radioshack USB Adaptor
Lobby chat window will now highlight when active

v0.64 [ 1st / AUGUST / 2010 ]
Added Basic Net Play Support
Added Song Countdown Timer
Added Genre Lisitng In Song Menu
Added Menu Music
Fixed Hopo Overstrum Issues
Fixed Hopo Detection after Hopo Chords
Fixed Rank Meter From Going Backwards
Added Support For Xbox 360 RB1 Guitar
Added Support For PS3 RB1 Drumkit
Tweaked a few graphics
Fixed an issue that may stop the invisible font glitch
Keyboard input fields are a bit more flexible

v0.63 [ 18th / APRIL / 2010 ]
Added an option to rate any song in the songlist (1 - 5)
Fixed Players Being able to recover themselves in multiplayer
Adjusted the Rockmeter increments as you were able to fail to easily
Stopped songlist selection jumping to the top of the list when going back a directory
Added Option To Select 4 / 5 lane mode for Keyboard Drums
Fixed Score Sorting Issue With Equal Values
Greyed out video calibration option (not functional)
Made The song.ini values case insensitive
Stopped some game options conflicting and not getting applied correctly after restart
Updated Support For Rockband 1 Wii (guitar) Controller
Added Support For Rockband 1 Wii (Drum) Controller

v0.62 [ 12th / JULY / 2010 ]
Drum PS activation notes no longer effect your accuracy
Option to set a default first player profile
Added an input delay on end song screens to avoid accidental selections
Fixed glitch that sometimes caused the profile list to cut short

v0.61 [ 11th / JULY / 2010 ]
Added Score Saving System/Database
Change Profile Selection System
Fixed Whammy Issues From Previous Release
Added Support For Rockband 1 Wii (guitar) Controller
Added Support For PS3 Kingmaker (guitar) Controller
Added Support For PS2 Guitar Hero (guitar) Controller

Fixed issue with avatar preview not working in v0.60c

Fix to stop profile menu crashing if you have over 24 neck textures
Added GH5/BH PS3 Guitar controller support

Included ButtonData.exe and details in the readme to make it easier to rebind keyboard controls
Fixed the preferred difficulty profile setting not working on certain controllers
Stopped vocal mode being selectable
Switched to another font for testing purposes
Fixed some issues with the song path selector

v0.60 [ 4th / JULY / 2010 ]
Added a player profile system
Added options to specify your prefured default selections for instrument and difficulty settings
Added multple neck graphic support with a random option
Added basic avatar support, does not yet link into the background
Added support to allow multiple keys to bind to the same function, keyboard based drums can now navigate menus
Added menu navigation icons
Added a no fail mode
Added 360 Ion drum support
Adjusted colours of the accuracy meter
Replaced bubble rankup sound effect

v0.59 [ 27th / JUNE / 2010 ]
Added our version of the star / rank system while playing songs
Fixed the hit window game option to apply instantly instead of after a restart
Greyed out disabled menu options to make it clear what should and should not be working
Added alternative model 360 Rock Band 1 drum controller support
Tweaked the drunk hit window values a little
Added a dedicated display FPS option so debug mode is not required to check performance

v0.58 [ 22nd / JUNE / 2010 ]
Added Song Loading Screen
Improved Accuracy Meters
Added Advanced Controller Diagnosis
Set Default Calibration Back to -65
Fixed Memory leaking causing Texture issues

v0.57 [ 20th / JUNE / 2010 ]
Added Main Options Menu

Added Ingame Pause Options Menu
Added Accuracy Indicator

Updated 3D Stage
Fixed New RBDLC Issues With Slider Notes
Added Advanced Song Type Detection

v0.55 [ 12th / JUNE / 2010 ]
Added Drunk Mode (large hit window) ini setting DRUNK="TRUE"

Added Full 5 Lane Drum Support

DRUM_EASY_ORANGE (0x41) (65)
DRUM_HARD_ORANGE (0x59) (89)

(One note up from the green which should be an F)

Improved animation system, should fix animated triggered events glitching after song switching

Fixed Instancing Issues, reduced memory usage on 3d stage mode

Graphical meter, disabled the debug text

Combo / steak break line flash to make it easier to see when you screw up

More accurate freestyle section detection at the start and end of songs

Extra controller supported - PC WT Guitar / Alternative Xplorer model

v0.54 [ 31st / MAY / 2010 ]
Added Bass Open Note Support
Added Slider Note Support (no slider bar on controller yet)

Updated 3d Stage System, basic event system
Tweaked hit flames
Fixed Some Forced HOPO Errors
Added selectable detail levels for 3d backgrounds to help performance on slower machines with the STAGEDETAIL ini value 3 = high 1 = low
Replaced bass miss sounds

v0.53 [ 16th / MAY / 2010 ]
Changed HOPO Frequency to 12th Notes
Improved strumming HOPO notes
Fixed Issue With Some MIDIs Not Loading Correclty Or Not At All
Improved Controller Detection System
Added Resume Countdown to pause menu
Added Bass Board Bounce
Added Neck warning Flash when close to failing
Added Support For extra background mode, supports abstract and stage modes
Pig tweakage

v0.52 [ 3rd / MAY / 2010 ]
Fixed Issue with odd length OGG files not ending the song correctly
Fixed SP Engergy Acquisition values
Fixed SP Sustained Chords from Gaining More than Single Note
Fixed Z-Buffer Issues With Background Items
Added Basic Rock Meter
Added a new drum SP system
Added a Note streak system
Improved results screen
Added Player Fail in multiplayer games with save system
Added Song Fail System
Added Hide Mouse In Windowed Mode Option TAG = HIDEMOUSEINWINDOW
Added Support For Multiple Player Stats
Added Support For multiple Background views
Added SP Board Special FX
Added More SFX
Changed draw order so notes display over the top of frets

v0.51 [ 18th / APRIL / 2010 ]
Fix rare ingame crash bug introduced in v0.49
Added a crash log system to help track down issues (see readme)
Enabled tilt on guitar controllers
Added whammy key for keyboard (Del)

v0.50 [ 16th / APRIL / 2010 ]
Added Support For Old format GH midis, ie sp in gh2 songs
Improved HOPO Support
Added SP Miss System To Clear All SP Notes When One Is Missed
Added SP Activation System For Guitar/Bass
Added SP Depletion System
Added Whammy Support For Sustained SP notes
Added Points System For Notes Hits
Added Points System For Sustained Notes
Added Score Systems: Chunks, Multipler, Score, SP Bar etc...
Added support for 360 rb2 drum kit

v0.49 [ 13th / APRIL / 2010 ]
Updated HOPO system
Hide mouse Cursor In Fullscreen Mode
Improved sustained chords
Added seperate resolution settings for fullscreen / windowed mode
Added setting to specify fullscreen display, can enable fullscreen on second monitor
Fixed issue with players remaining in ihe select screen if you go back to songlist
Fixed Bug with Alt freezing game when pressed in windowed mode
Calibration set to -65 by default as it appears to be a more suitable base value
Added 360 Ion drum support
Added 360 RB2 Guitar support

v0.48 [ 11th / APRIL / 2010 ]
hopefully fix the crash issues found in v0.47
better support for EOF midis

Quick fix to stop guitar.ogg only songs muting

v0.46 [ 10th / APRIL / 2010 ]
First public release
Can now miss during a tail
More SFX
Dummy result screen
Bass fret glow fix
Repackaged graphics for release version
completely broken hopos

v0.45 [ 9th / APRIL / 2010 ]
Multiple song folder support

v0.44 [ 5th / APRIL / 2010 ]
New bass hit glow
Pause menu
Resized 4 lane notes

v0.41 [ 1st / APRIL / 2010 ]
Added SFX system (menu, freestyle sounds, note misses)
Scrolling neck graphic
Instrument track muting on miss

v0.38 [ 27th / MARCH / 2010 ]
Fret bounce animations

v0.37 [ 26th / MARCH / 2010 ]
Hit glow support
4 / 5 Lane drum selection

v0.34 [ 20th / MARCH / 2010 ]
Missed note / tail support