Full Package 642mb (recommended)
Phase Shift v1.27 Full (mega)

Lite package 95mb (for low bandwidth users who already have the latest songs)
Phase Shift v1.27 Lite (mega)

If video backgrounds are not working download and install the following codec pack


If video backgrounds are still not working, these alternative codec packs are reported to solve the problem by various forum members:

K-lite codec pack mega version
XP Codec pack

Black Background / Neck Pack

Extract to the Phase Shift install folder where the main exe is located, in the main options menu pick 2D background mode and change the background image option to black.png, for the neck bring down the profile menu and go to the options and change the neck to black.png

Control Profiler Release 3

If you have a USB based controller that is not currently supported by the game use this program to generate a controller profile so we can add support for the controller.

UPnP PortMapper

If for some reason you are unable to setup your router for hosting an online server you could try using this program. See the forum thread for more details on using the program. [ NOTE: Requires Java ]
UPNP PortMapper Guide

Career Creator

An application to help the process of career creation and modification. Tool created by forum member dener.

Third party song editor that supports some of the games more advanced features, recommended program for creating Phase Shift optimised songs.

EOF 1.8RC12
View EOF Update Log